Bruno de Thibault


Touring Club Belgium

Bruno de Thibault (1966) is currently CEO of Touring Club Belgium since January 2020. Bruno started his career at Touring in 2001 as Marketing Manager. In 2003 he was appointed Marketing & Sales Director and became member of the Management Team. In 2013 he was appointed General Manager.

Bruno is also board member in the different Touring subsidiaries (ATV NV, Touring NV, KBTC Holding, Touring Autoglass, Optimile and ARC Europe). 

Before joining Touring, Bruno held several senior management positions within Reader’s Digest, CB Direct and PwC.

Bruno holds a Master Degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences and completed several executives courses at the HEC School of management (Paris) and Solvay Business School (Brussels).

Bruno has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing & sales B2C and SME. He has extensive expertise in formulating new business and marketing strategies and is very familiar with direct marketing methods (CRM – contact centre – e-business). He has also expertise in the finance sector (Insurance).