Lynk & CO x ARC Europe partnership

Lynk & Co selects ARC Europe to provide mobility assistance to their drivers in Europe.

“Mobility can be better”. This is the guiding idea of Lynk & Co, which ARC Europe shares. This common belief led the global mobility provider Lynk & Co to make ARC Europe its exclusive partner in roadside assistance and electric services, entrusting it for delivering mobility solutions to their drivers in all countries for the next three years.

The mobility brand, relying on a new digital distribution channel, offers hyper-connected and hybrid vehicles to meet the needs and preferences of a global eco-friendly & connected generation. Whether the customers want to subscribe to a month-to-month membership or to buy a car, they can make it on-line.

Leveraging on ARC Europe’s expertise and assets in the electric, digital and connected services fields, Lynk & Co is now able to assist all its drivers all over Europe.

As experienced partner in EV assistance, and with its strong European network, ARC Europe will support Lynk & Co’s clients in their customer journey from the very first step: once the customers get a Lynk & Co vehicle, ARC Europe’s teams will closely work together with the Engagement Center to answer all their questions regarding their vehicle. In addition, ARC Europe will assist the drivers during their electric driving experience with its alarm management services aiming to provide over-the-air assistance solution to EV chargers’ infrastructure in Europe.

The scope of this partnership is to enhance the Lynk & Co’s customers user experience, all along their journeys, by accompanying them in the discovery of their new vehicle and its innovative functionalities, and, in case of need, offering them the most personalised and smoother assistance experience, in line with the Brand values and customer commitment.

“ARC Europe is very proud to accompany Lynk & Co customers towards electric-powered transportation”, said Jeffrey Daane. “It confirms the level of confidence we create together with Lynk & Co’s team in an experimental way of collaboration with the pandemic crisis”. After several years of investment to enhance the new mobility assistance journey, it is an accomplishment for our company.”


About Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co provides mobility solutions for the connected generation. More than being a car manufacturer, they offer a new way of using those cars. Their membership-based approach makes it simple to get on the go. Members can access a car on a flexible, month-to-month basis and share with friends, family, and the Lynk & Co community.

About ARC Europe Group

ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of B2B roadside assistance services in Europe with an outstanding network in more than 40 European countries. The Group represents its own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Russia and Greece, and its shareholders, which are the major automobile clubs in Europe: ADAC, The AA, ANWB, ACI, OEAMTC, RACE, TCB & TCS. The Group entered new fields of activities, with the ambition to sustain the electrical shift, delivering mobility solutions and connected services enlarging its geographical scope.